Monday, December 12, 2011

Decking the halls...or really just the living room

 We decorated our little apartment a few weeks ago. Here is just a few shots of our trees and the rest of the decorations. Sorry there is a lot of pictures of the tree, its hard to tell which pic is the best by the little icons I have to choose from.
 But first, look hos I found brandon talking on the phone the other day. What a goofy guy.

 Big pretty bows on every present!
 And i made cute little tags for each present.

 the top of the tree

 I made these little trees out of a book and left over wedding scrap book paper. I think they are pretty cute.


Did I ever mention Brandon and I were on and Ultimate Frisbee team this semester? Well this was my first time EVER playing ultimate Frisbee and i absolutely loved it! we had so much fun! We were in the beginner league and let me tells you, we were pretty good. We made it to the championship game! it wasnt easy, especially since the captain of the team we beat to get to the championship was a major...jerk (i could say much worse) and he was upset that we played a good game and beat them. He protested the game and made it so the championship was postponed about a week. We were really angry with him cause like I said he was a....jerk( nicest name i can think of to describe him) We cant fully describe the anger and frustration we felt towards this kid...anyways, i probably shouldnt go into this, it stirs up a lot of really frustrating memories. But we went to the championship game (in your FACE Jace kellog) . But we lost. The team we played seemed like they would way fun to play, but when the time came to actually play, they got really dirty and caddy when we started pulling ahead. Oh well, here is a picture of a team and a reminder of all the good memories we did have in spite of all the drama.

Thanksgiving Break

For thanksgiving we drove over to Kennewick. Brandon's brother Michael got married the day after thanksgiving so we spent ost of our thanksgiving decorating a church for the reception. We Had a great drive there and back. the roads were perfectly clear the entire drive and We downloaded the Hunger games onto our Ipod so brandon got to listen to it while he drove. He really liked it and he is looking forward to listening to the second one on our drive home for christmas! (which is on friday! yay!) We just hope the roads are as clear as they were at thanksgiving. Here is just a few pictures from thanksgiving and the wedding.

 Bubba, sidonia and brandon did the thanksgiving Turkey trot on thanksgiving morning.

 Here is the gym all decorated for the reception. For the record, those little balloons hanging from the lights, well those are covered in lace, and let me tell you it took a lot of lace! and i spent a total of probably 4 hours cutting lace and i dont even want to count the amount of time we also spent gluing it on. Yikes! was it worth it? you tell me.

 Brandon and His brother michael
 These three women(brandons mom and 2 of her friends) have a really embarrasing tradition of dancing on the table and their childrens receptions. Thank goodnesss they didnt do this at our wedding! haha
Brandon is such a cute little floor sweeper!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Jib Jab

One of many to come I am sure. Brandon and I love these things. We especially love to put Justin in them and pictures of Sean with a mustache. don't feel left out if you're not in this one, you will be in ones to follow. Christmas is starting early here, soon as I get my tree its going up. Enjoy the show:

here is the link:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I need help

So I really want to change the color of my hair. Dont get me wrong I love the blonde in my hair now that its faded a little bit but its growing out and not very noticeable. So here is the color im thinking about doing. I want to know what everyone thinks of it before i just go do it. Be totally honest and tell me if you think it would look super bad on me.

the weather outside is Frightful

It snowed last night! already! actually this is the second snow of the year. it snowed a few weeks ago too but it didnt last long. But now, now it looks like winter. It makes me want to decorate for christmas and watch elf, make cookies and listen to christmas music. But i promised brandon that i would wait until after thanksgiving, so i must stay strong. And speaking of thanksgiving, i would be very grateful if this snowwould actually all melt before i drive to kennewick so we dont die trying to get there.

 And here is brandon with his brand new indiana jones movies. This is what he bought himself with his birthday money. Now we just need to get all the star wars movies and he think his life would be complete. So thank you from Brandon for the birthday money Tammy and Bubba and Dad and Kristi, and Grandma Callaway! He is also wearing his washington hat that we got him for his birthday. We think it looks pretty cool.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

We first celebrated halloween on saturday night with some friends. We had all these plans for costumes but we just didnt have time or the means to make the costumes work. So all Saturday we conteplated a costume for our little party that night. We eventually just settled with going as a 1950's couple. I was the amazing housewife and Brandon was the working husband. It turned out pretty cute i think. 

 Here I am getting brandon a little something to drink after a long day at work.
 Our friends Justin and Rachel were Katniss and Peta from the books the Hunger games. For the record. Peta looks nothing like this! For some reason justin pictures him as a chubby guy, but i picture him looking nothing like this.

 Our friends Aaron and Megan were eachother. They are wearing eachothers clothes and Aaron is even wearing make-up.
 On halloween night we went to our friends Nathan and Nina's apartment for dinner. We all dressed up for this one two. For this party Brandon and I dressed up as Canadian Olympic athletes. We made some maple leaves and pined them to our sweatshirts and we already had the Vancouver Olympics gloves and hats.
 As you can see brandon is wearing his silver medal. for obvious reason we didnt make him a gold medal! haha Canadians dont win Gold! (and kristi that is totally a joke, we know that canada beat us in hockey this year)

 Justin and Rachel were a cowboy and cowgirl.
 Nathan is Han Solo

And Nathan and Nina's family were a bunch of star wars characters. Benny on the left is a young padawan, Nathan is Han solo, Ephraim is an ewok and Nina is princess Leia.

Overall it was a good halloween but we are sad that we never carved pumpkins. Next year we will for sure!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall decor

Kristi sent me some plain blocks so I could decorate them for halloween. Blocks are so expensive so i just had my dad cut me a few. They turned out pretty cute.

I made the Autumn blooks on the back so i could still use them after halloween. Now im looking forward to decorating for christmas! Cant wait!

Brandon's "Birfday" party!

Monday was Brandon's 24th birthday. I had been planning a star wars party for him for a few weeks now and let me tell you, I went all out. This party was so star wars. Almost a little five year old birthday party ish but we definitely still had fun. I just hope Brandon wasnt too embarrased by all of it. So it started off with me making a few invitations. The invitations consisted of a really long story about Brandon's jedi life and so on. With the invitation I gave everyone a home made lightsabe made out of glosticks. They looked pretty legit, the pictures dont do them justice. 

 Clearly once you cracked the glostick your lightsaber looked much better. 

I spent the whole week making paper mache planets and a gigantic Death star pinata to destroy at the party. I spent about 4 hours painting the death star and an additional hour painting all the planets. In the end it was so worth it. they looked amazing and i have to say i made one killer death star. 
 All the unpainted planets
 Brandon and the death star
 We hung up some black sheets to make a galaxy. We tried to sprinkle glow stick stuff on the sheets so they would glow like star but it didnt work at all. oh well it was still a nice backdrop for the planets.

We also had a lot of food at the party all of course had to do with star wars. 

We had the fifth star wars movie playing during the party and I made up a game to play, but it didnt really work out because we had to many people i think. It was kind of like the game Curses, but star wars style. So basically whenever someone said a certain word someone would have to do something star wars or say a quote from star wars. For example, "when someone says "birthday" stand up and yell "may the force be with you!"" It would have been really funny but no one got into it. Oh well. After we ate we had Brandon open presents. Everyone was so nice. He got lots of candy for his birthday and a star wars poster, some movie tickets and he got a new sweatshirt(he opened that a few weeks ago) and he got a brand new Washington Huskies hat. I wish i had a picture of him wearing those. After presents we tried to open the pinata but nothing would penetrate that thing. Word to the wise. 5 layers of paper mache is much too thick for a pinata for future reference. So we ended up throwing the pinata death star from our stairs down to the cement. It took four throws to break it. That thing was SOLID.

After we finished breaking the boys took on a new advnture. So for the past week there has been some dead animal (mouse or bat) in our stair well. We thought for sure it was dead because it had been there for days and had never moved. Well the boys got out a big pocket knife to move it and it turned out it was a bat and it was still alive. They captured it in a pizza box and the bat was hissing at them. they released it in the field nect to our house. I just cant believe it was alive! i had walked past it sooo many times! gross!

After we had ice cream cake that i made(and it was amazing) and talked for a little while. Our friends little boys played witht he planets and we played with our other friends little puppy Finn. We had a lot of fun and brandon had a good birthday!