Saturday, February 26, 2011

One year older....and wiser too!

So on the thirteenth i celebrated my 21st birthday. I heard this song many times that day, mostly from Sean and  Sam who called me three times while i was still on the phone with them. It was a great birthday, since it was Sunday we didn't do too much. We had stake conference which left us a lot of down time. Brandon let me watch any movie i wanted, so i watched Pride and Prejudice, and i made some hair accessories while watching it. Brandon got me some yoga pants that i had been wanting for a long time now and they are so cozy and perfect. I don't actually plan on doing yoga in them, mostly just lounging around....kind of counter productive...Im sure those pants hoped to cover a much more active bum but oh well. We got an ice cream cake from dairy queen Saturday night and then our friends Justin and Rachel came over and had it with us. Brandon also let me open my valentines gift a day early cause i couldn't wait and he got me a new black shirt. I was very happy cause I'm starting to feel like my wardrobe is getting a little blah and i really wanted something new to make me feel cute again. I got Brandon settlers of Catan because lately we love that game, unfortunatly you need more than two people to play with. So if anyone wants to play with us, let us know!
On valentines day we went out to eat. We left for Idaho Falls when Brandon got home from work at 4 thinking we would beat the dinner rush, but nope, still like a 45 min wait at Olive Garden. It was totally worth the wait. We went through so many breadstickes. It was so good. We really like going there. We used the gift card Brandons Parents gave me for my birthday to pay for dinner. So thank you Bubba and Tammy, Dinner was Delicious!
 This is my sad attempt at some sort of Valentines Decorations. I made it out of whatever we had...aka left over paper from the cupcake decorations form the wedding, and valentines wrapping paper. It turned out alright I think.
 My Mom always made big heart shaped cookies for us when we were kids and put our names on it. My dads always said "My love" but since I call Brandon Sweetheart, i thought that was much more appropriate. They dont look very good, but what can I say, I am not a master with frosting, not to mention I just bought one of those cheep tubes of pink frosting, which isn't as workable as I would have hoped.
This past weekend we went down to visit Michelle and Justin down in Utah. We always have such a good time when we go and we love spending time with them. Our weekends consisted mostly of this.....

We played a lot of Wii. Michelle and Justin bought it the same day we got there, and Parker was in Heaven. By the end of the weekend, he could work everything all by himself and he was getting quite good. He was so cute. He was always asking Brandon to play with him, and Brandon, being the good uncle that he is, just couldn't say no. We also went down to Provo to have Dinner at Aaron and Laurels. Their apartment was adorable! they live in this historic house that has been turned into apartments. it was so cute and had sooo much character. We loved it! and dinner was amazing. We had so much fun.We played ticket to ride, which was a fun game, however, i did find it a little bit frustrating haha and we also got to ride Aarons scooter! that was way fun, but I think i could use more practice before I would feel comfotable riding on a busy street.
 Aaron and Laurel have this cute little bistro table, Justin and Brandon shared a romantic candle lit dinner.

 There Brandon goes!

And heres me when i got back. I was probably shaking a little i was so afraid i would crash it! haha

And on a Side not, look how cute this little girl is!(she just ate chocolate)

While we were in Utah, Aaron Brought me my bike I bought a few weeks ago. I cant wait to use it if it ever stops snowing here :( 

One last thing, I forgot I had pictures of this, but Brandon and some of our friends had a rec. Volleyball team this semester. They had a lot of fun, and even though they never won, they had some really close games.