Friday, August 19, 2011


 Warning: Massive Post

 School ended end of July. It was my best semester yet! I got all A's and loved my classes. It really was a lot of fun for me to go to school each day. After school ended we packed up and went to Kennewick. We spent a week there with Brandons Family. We had family pictures done as well. After we went to the Oregon Coast for five days with Brandons family. For the most part the weather was beautiful. We stayed in a house in Pacific City, Oregon. its a really tiny town but the beach is Beautiful and there is a huge rock in the ocean (much like the famous Haystack rock in Cannon Beach) One day the weather was so nice that we all got sunburned. Brandon was the worst i think. His back was so gross and he pealed forever. My shoulders were the worst for me. i couldn't lift up my arms for a few days, and i too eventually began to peel. The house we stayed at had a pool table which we made quite a bit of use out of. I was the pool champion. I know you think im just saying this but really i am. I beat Brandon's dad three time, His brother Michael twice, and Brandon twice. the only person to beat me was Brandon, and if you ask me it was out of pure luck that he was able to actually win. Also while we were there, shark week was going on on the discover channel. We watched a lot of shark week and i became quite afraid to go in the ocean. It was a really fun and busy trip. We saw more of the oregon coast than i really needed to. We saw everything from seaside down to Lincoln city basically. Our favorite was probably going to the Tilamook cheese factory. We loved their ice cream and reallly loved the self guided tour where you can observe the cheese being made. I think some of the workers forget they are being watched because they gave us quite the show.
 This is the view from the neighborhood we were staying in.
 Brandon And Michael at the beach.
 Us at seaside Beach
 Brandon kissing a shark during shark week.
 Brandon loves the tilamook cheese factory so much
 The rock at pacific city
 Skim Boarding
 Lincoln City, oregon
 Sorry this is sideways, this is a  hike we went on in lincoln city to a waterfall. It took us loner to drive the windy roads up to the hike then the actual hike took. There was this really scary suspension bridge over this massive canyon thing. I didnt want to stay on there for very long. It was very shaky and a really far fall to the bottom.

 This cute little place is called oceanside oregon. we almost stayed here but ended up staying in pacific city. it was so cute how all the houses are built on this hill and they have really great tide pools here.
 Theres this cool tunnel you walk through to get from one side of the beach to the other. It was kind of dark and scary inside.
 There were lots of starfish
 This is Cape Mears Lighthouse.
 This is a very friendly squirrel. I probably could have touched it but i was afraid it was going to jump at my face.
 Sid actually did touch the squirrel. After Bubba gave it an entire Bagel to eat.
Brandon did a lot of sand art our last day, here he is sitting inside a zia(?) for sean and sam.

After we got back from Oregon we drove up to snohomish to spend time with my family. We had such a good time and I love western Washington so much! I miss it! And i love dad and kristis house. We had fun feeding their fish in their pond. Brandon Read The Help while we were there and then we went and saw the movie with Kristi (which i loved! such a good movie!) We spent two days up in Canada with Greg, Melissa, and Nighean. We were able to go do a session at the Vancouver temple which is beautiful. We went to Tim Hortons for the first time, we went the the beach in Tswassen and we went into Vancouver. Melissa also made the most amazing homemade icecream!

 This is at a place called Grandville(?) Island. those are a bunch of floating houses down behind us and vancouver across the water.
 This is at a market there. it kind of reminded me of pikes place, but a little nicer.
 This is Brandon with his first ever Nanimo Bar. Grandad use to always by them for us when we would come visit and they are so good. Brandon was impressed as well.
This is the view from Gregs office. He is on the 26th floor of a building.

We are now back in Rexburg. Brandon is working and since there is no school he works from 7-4. I am at home doing nothing. I am enjoying every last minute of freedom though. Yesterday i sewed a pillow for our bed. It took me pretty much all day. I also cleaned, vacuumed, and put away laundry, so i feel i am being productive. In a couple of weeks i start training for my externship(basically its an unpaid internship for Medical Assisting.) I will be doing mine at the student Health center here on campus. I chose to do it there so i can get hired on for the rest of my schooling and have a job! I had an interview with one of the doctors on Wednesday. he wants to train me to be his personal assistant. Basically i will be with him his entire shift preparing patients, setting up for procedures and assisting in the procedures. This will give me the best training i could ask for and i got the position! I am nervous out of my mind and i have a lot of reviewing to do before i start my externship. I am so excited though for the learning opportunity. With this position however, i have to work 40 hours a week unpaid! yikes! can you say slave labor! i realize though that its worth it for the training i will get and for my future resume! I will aslo be taking three online classes while doing my externship! we will see how long that lasts before i drop those classes! 

Here is my pillow i made btw