Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brandon's Birthday

Sunday was Brandon's 23rd Birthday so we spent the weekend with his family in Kennewick. It was a very fun weekend. Brandon was so excited for his birthday. I think he asked like 13 times that day if it was present time. We kept telling him he had to wait till after dinner...and then after we clean up...oh then after we carve pumpkins....and clean those up. haha he was going crazy but we ended up letting him open them after we cleaned up dinner, and let me tell you if that wasn't motivation to get him to do dishes, i don't know what is. We had a really great time and we are so happy to get to spend time with his family. We were there two weekends ago and his dad had to work the entire weekend, then this weekend he also had to work the whole time! we figure that we are a curse and every time we go visit we will never get to see him.

On Saturday night we went out to dinner with Brandon's Parents. His Moms Birthday is two days after his so we had a little combined Birthday dinner. We went to Famous Daves. It was really good. Our waiter was a little different but the food was delicious. 

We went to the Corn maze with Brandon's Family. It started raining while we were lost in the maze but I didn't mind. We finished the maze in like 28 minutes or something. We got a little lost at first. Once we finished we had to wait for his little sister to finish the haunted corn maze so a little latter we went back in and went through from the end and we finished in like 11 minutes so not too bad.

They had this cool corn shooter thing that Brandon and his dad and brother did. It was pretty cool. 

Also, they totally had a zebra there which took me by surprise. I don't think Ive ever seen a zebra outside of a zoo. There was also a wallaroo jumping around in there.  

Brandons parents gave him this couch for his birthday. We are SO HAPPY and so grateful. Brandon loves this couch and we kept hinting to them to give it to us, but we never actually thought they would. We cant wait to put it in our little apartment in Rexburg. 

Brandon also got a DVD player from his parents. Ive known about it for weeks and it was driving him crazy to not know what he was getting. 

We carved pumpkins. This one is Brandons...

Its supposed to be sneezing. Its his variation to the very common vomiting pumpkin. It turned out pretty unique. This is my pumpkin.....

Its supposed to be a ghost. Brandon's Mom's pumpkin was amazing. She used one of the patterns and was at it for a while. I just dont have the patience for that i guess. 
After Pumkins we had a mud pie his mom made. It was delicious. It was a great weekend! we had such a great time and we loved spending time with Brandon's Family. Oh and Tammy, Happy Birthday! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First post

So we've finally joined the blogging community. It took us a little while to finally decide on a name. We asked our family for help to come up with something creative but the best anyone could think of was "we like to Plunkett Plunkett" which really just got annoying as they continually sang that to the music of we like to move it. Point of the story is, we realized they were of no help to us and we had to think of something on our own. We don't have to much to talk about. We are just waiting to go back to school. We finally have a place to live at school and we cant wait to move into our little apartment. I have weird dreams about it all the time so I cant wait to actually get there and have it be a reality. Since its taken me a while to actually get to the blogging thing, I will just give a little summary of the things we have been up to.

First of all, for our Honeymoon we spent a week at DISNEYLAND!!! It was so fun. Brandon was like a little boy in, in well Disneyland. He was so excited. We spent almost the entire day there each day. I really wanted to go swimming at the pool at our hotel at least once while we are there, but Brandon insisted we spent every waking minute at the park. I was so tired of walking around by the end. But it was worth it. A week is a little long to be at Disneyland, I think we rode each ride about 12 times at least. But we had enough time to do whatever we wanted. 

Splash Mountain
We had some pretty adorable just married pins that we wore. I think its a requirement for every single Disneyland employee to congratulate you when you wear them. 
Brandon was lovin the Jedi training camp. He wanted to be picked so bad to be trained by Jedi master Mace Windu, but he wasn't selected. Apparently theres some age limit or something. But its ok because as you can tell from this picture, Brandon is clearly already well trained in the ways of a Jedi. 
Us and our dear little canine friend
We asked some lady to take a picture of us both in front of the castle, but it turned out horrible, so all we have are two individual pictures. 
We have so many pictures and I dont want to post them all, so here is one last picture. this was by far my favorite part of the entire trip. We splurged a little since we were on our Honeymoon and we ate at the Blue Bayou, its the restaurant you see as you ride the Pirates of the Caribbean. Brandons life dream has been to eat there. It was so fun! We were one row back from being right on the water and we could here the old guy playing the Banjo on the ride as enjoyed some New Orleans Cuisine and sipped our Mint Juleps (Kristi insisted we try them and they were delicious.) 
 We already miss Disneyland and cant wait to go again! 

So some other random things....

One Sunday we went to the beach at Camano Island with Dad and Kristi. We wanted to go to Chuckanut Drive but we didnt feel like driving that long. It was a good time. We looked for shells and Brandon skipped rocks. 

This is how Kristi punishes us when we misbehave. Frightening I know. Actually this is some neck stretcher thing Kristi uses. Apparently it actually feels really good, I'm not so interested in trying it though. 

Brandon Went to Canada for his first time ever. He was so excited. i think he felt so different now that he is a world traveler and all. Every time he saw a pedestrian he would get all excited to see a real life Canadian (Even tho he lives with one). He was also excited to see how cheap gas was, until he remembered it was by the liter, not the gallon. My camera battery died so I didn't get to take pictures, but we also went to the new temple in Vancouver(technically its in Langley) and its beautiful. We had a very nice weekend and Brandon is so happy to be half-step-Canadian-in-law

We've Done a lot of other things while being here. We have really had a good time and have just done too much to blog about.