Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall decor

Kristi sent me some plain blocks so I could decorate them for halloween. Blocks are so expensive so i just had my dad cut me a few. They turned out pretty cute.

I made the Autumn blooks on the back so i could still use them after halloween. Now im looking forward to decorating for christmas! Cant wait!

Brandon's "Birfday" party!

Monday was Brandon's 24th birthday. I had been planning a star wars party for him for a few weeks now and let me tell you, I went all out. This party was so star wars. Almost a little five year old birthday party ish but we definitely still had fun. I just hope Brandon wasnt too embarrased by all of it. So it started off with me making a few invitations. The invitations consisted of a really long story about Brandon's jedi life and so on. With the invitation I gave everyone a home made lightsabe made out of glosticks. They looked pretty legit, the pictures dont do them justice. 

 Clearly once you cracked the glostick your lightsaber looked much better. 

I spent the whole week making paper mache planets and a gigantic Death star pinata to destroy at the party. I spent about 4 hours painting the death star and an additional hour painting all the planets. In the end it was so worth it. they looked amazing and i have to say i made one killer death star. 
 All the unpainted planets
 Brandon and the death star
 We hung up some black sheets to make a galaxy. We tried to sprinkle glow stick stuff on the sheets so they would glow like star but it didnt work at all. oh well it was still a nice backdrop for the planets.

We also had a lot of food at the party all of course had to do with star wars. 

We had the fifth star wars movie playing during the party and I made up a game to play, but it didnt really work out because we had to many people i think. It was kind of like the game Curses, but star wars style. So basically whenever someone said a certain word someone would have to do something star wars or say a quote from star wars. For example, "when someone says "birthday" stand up and yell "may the force be with you!"" It would have been really funny but no one got into it. Oh well. After we ate we had Brandon open presents. Everyone was so nice. He got lots of candy for his birthday and a star wars poster, some movie tickets and he got a new sweatshirt(he opened that a few weeks ago) and he got a brand new Washington Huskies hat. I wish i had a picture of him wearing those. After presents we tried to open the pinata but nothing would penetrate that thing. Word to the wise. 5 layers of paper mache is much too thick for a pinata for future reference. So we ended up throwing the pinata death star from our stairs down to the cement. It took four throws to break it. That thing was SOLID.

After we finished breaking the boys took on a new advnture. So for the past week there has been some dead animal (mouse or bat) in our stair well. We thought for sure it was dead because it had been there for days and had never moved. Well the boys got out a big pocket knife to move it and it turned out it was a bat and it was still alive. They captured it in a pizza box and the bat was hissing at them. they released it in the field nect to our house. I just cant believe it was alive! i had walked past it sooo many times! gross!

After we had ice cream cake that i made(and it was amazing) and talked for a little while. Our friends little boys played witht he planets and we played with our other friends little puppy Finn. We had a lot of fun and brandon had a good birthday!