Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What You've all been waiting for!

Last night I got a threatening text from Sam to post on our blog. She even went as far as to tell me to forget about my studies! so here I am slacking on my homework just for you Sam. (and for the record it wasn't threatening at all.) We have so much to talk about which is unusual! First of all Christmas was very nice this year, way too quiet for my taste, but we enjoyed our little Christmas with Josh and Dad and Kristi. We had a really great time, and the three of us carried out our Christensen traditions. (poor Brandon was the lone newby) Here we are making our doughnuts. We do this every year on Christmas Eve morning. this year we had to do it after dinner that night though because Brandon had to work.

Here's my dad rolling out thou dough, this job was passed onto Josh later on. My dad is the designated doughnut cooker. You have to work your way up the ranks in the family, cooker being the most sought after job, the lowest being....

A shaker. Brandon, as a newcomer was a shaker, the powder sugar shaker to be exact. I on the other hand have been apart of the family for almost 21 years, and I'm still a shaker. Cinnamon Sugar shaker, to be exact. I probably am a professional cinnamon sugar shaker though.

the finished product!
Here we all are on Christmas Morning. Tradition is to all line up in the hallway before we can go out to the family room to see our presents and stockings. I know we might be a little old for it, but here we are still doing it.

Here's Brandon with his stocking. We each got a windshield wiper in our stocking and we were so excited! we really needed new ones haha

I found the pickle this year! its an ornament you put on the tree Christmas eve and whoever finds it first gets to open the first present.
On a different note, we finally made it to rexburg and moved into our new apartment. We like it a lot and it has been so fun to make our own little home for us. Here are a few pictures of the place, its definitely not finished yet, i have more pictures to hang and such, but i will post updated pictures as they come.

I think our apartment looks so much cuter in person. these pictures just don't do it justice.
So this past weekend we had Monday off for MLK day so we drove down to see Michelle, Justin, Parker and Halle. it was so fun to see them. We love hanging out with them and we are so grateful to have such amazing family.

We all went to In-N-Out Burger for the first time. Honestly, we werent very impressed but it was still good. its just one of those restraunts you have to go to once, so we can check that off of our list ofthisngs to do.

Michelle and Halle at in n out. Halle is so adorable! However she didn't really like Brandon and I, she would only let me hold her if I got her from her nap.

We also went bowling. I won, so no big deal. i did have a huge advantage because Michelle and Justin did have Halle Bowling for them half the time. Thanks for the great weekend Michelle and Justin!