Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today was a Yellowstone free day, and considering we are only an hour and a half away, we took advantage of this deal. I wanted to go before we left Rexburg because we live so close to one of the largest national parks in the country and it would be a shame to move away without seeing it. We went with our friends Justin and Rachel and had a great time. I was surprised by the number of bikers in the park. It made the driving a pain because we were constantly passing bikers on the side of the road. Those are some very in shape people(however by the looks of some of them you wouldn't think it) because it was at least 20 miles to old faithful and people were definitely biking all the way out there, if not further, and there are a lot of hills. Ok i know for some people that would be a breeze, but definitely not for me. We didn't see any bears. I think we will have to drive the ten minutes south to go to bear world if i want to see some bears. We did see Buffalo though. Lots of them! And we were so close to them! However i kept a good safe distance away because i saw a girl get trampled by one on tv once. Our friend Justin was so close and some lady asked Brandon if he was crazy, he told her that he kinda was( which is true, haha no offense Justin) On our way home one was on the road and we had to wait a while for him to move, when we started driving again he was on the side of the road just feet away from our car and it startled us pretty good. he was sticking his tongue out at us too. We Saw lots of geysers and colorful fungi. it was actually really fascinating. My camera died when we got to old faithful, but i did get a picture of it starting to go. After we left the park we ate lunch in West Yellowstone at this cute little restaurant. We sat in this little covered wagon, which i don't have a picture of because of my dead camera. I had a really good bbq pork sandwich and Brandon had a buffalo burger.

 Our first sign of wildlife! a herd of elk!

 This one was called Fountain paint pots i think, it bubbled and was really cool

 Brandon and Justin being prepy
 This place was so cool, the water from the geysers flowed into the river and it was really pretty

 This was called the turquoise pond
 This is the opal pond
 This is part of the Grand Prismatic spring. It was so colorful and amazing
Here is my ONE sad picture from old faithful. I was so glad my camera revived itself for at least one picture. We went and looked at the old faithful inn after and it was amazing! it was the most amazing inn i have ever seen. It had three levels and then there were all these stairs that went up to the "Crows nest" The crows nest was at the very top and had all these crazy stair ways to get up to it. Unfortunately because of the earth quake at Hedgen lake(?) in 1959, it is no longer structural safe for all the visitors to go up there. I wish so bad. I would love to stay there but its quote expensive. like $120.00 a night for a cheap room, probably off season. haha maybe someday. Sorry no pictures, you will just have to go see for yourself!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Smarty pants

Brandon got some new glasses yesterday. his eyes were getting really tired so he thought he might need a stronger prescription. he uses his glasses mostly for reading and studying but he sure looks smart and handsome when he wears them. Don't you think?
 He wanted to be holding a book in the picture to make him look smarter. Hes so cute.

On a side note, school is going good for brandon. he is especially loving his raquetball class. I am also really liking the health center, however the days are far too long and i have killer headaches by the time i get home. Maybe i need some glasses too.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Brandon's First day

Today Was Brandon's first day!

We thought this would be funny for us to do since This will actually be Brandons seventh semester, not his first day of preschool or kindergarten, however he does have very similar movie interests as a certain kindergartener we know. I am not in school but i spend my entire day at the health center doing my externship. So far it has been good but i have a lot to learn.

This weekend we went Down to Utah to go to my friend Kelley's wedding. it was lovely and there was a lot of good food. We also got to see Grammy while we were in Provo. it was good to talk to her even though i do not think she knews who i was. She told us that she was "tripping down memory lane multiple times during the conversation but we tried to keep her on track. We got to spend a lot of enjoyable time with Michelle and Justin and Parker and Halle and we got to go to two of Parkers soccer games. he was so cute! Thanks for having us michelle and Justin!