Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And now a word from Brandon

Sam challenged me to blog....So I am. She said no Star I will. ( Devin will back me up on this)
Screw Obama and Romney. I'm voting for the chosen one's son! LUKE 2012! ( Disclaimer: I am actually VERY pro Romney, not pro Luke Skywalker, but if I had to choose between the two I would have a hard time.)

I recently got a road bike. This is what it looks like. I am riding with guys that are training for the LOTOJA, so i am probably gonna be one of two things. 1) super ripped legs guy or 2) most likely the guy in the back of the pack with a permanent inhaler  

This is a HILARIOUS video my brother showed me the other day. All the bros in the fam will enjoy this.
 This is a picture from my friends and I filming the movie we made for the film festival for school. It won 2 awards NBD.

 This guy almost won a contest becoming The Ole Miss mascot. I will send a  treat to the first person to comment and tell me this guys name and what movie he is in.
I saw this picture on O'Reilly tonight. He said an AT-AT was attacking downtown Albuquerque, good thing you guys are getting out of there eh!