Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time for a change.

As of 9:30 this morning i am done for the semester! I feel so free! Now i have to clean, do laundry and pack before we leave on Friday Morning. Our Bathroom sink is leaking and we are frequantly emptying the bowl that sits under the sink. I put in a maintanence request last week and they still havent fixed it. They better get on it before we leave or they are going to have a flooded apartment building seeing as we are gone for three weeks and we do not own any bowl large enough to occomadate that much H2O. Anyways, yesterday i went and got my hair done. I got highlights for the first time and its nice and short. I dont really love it today, so hopefully i will like it later on.I think i just dont look good no matter what they do to me so i dont know. Here is my before...
Heres what it looks like now....

Sorry these pictures are sideways. I dont know if i will ever color my hair again. Brandon likes it but I'm still not convinced it is the bet look for me.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Not only have I procrastinated writting on the blog for what is it, 3 or 4 months now? I am procrastinationg homework. Writting papers just isnt inticing me right now. this beauty is however...

Oh my goodness i just ate the majority of this hunk of watermelon. Watermelon is so good on hot sunny days.

On a different not we have three weeks of school left. not even that because next week is our last full week of classes! We are so excited to be done and we cant wait to start our seven week vacations! Next semester Brandon is on track and i am going to take three online classes and (hopefully) do my medical assisting externship(two people actually called me back today about them, maybe my luck has changed) I am terified for my externship. I feel like i know nothing. Its been an entire year since i took the first medical assisting class and i feel like i have forgotten it all! yikes! I pitty the poor person who I have to draw blood from or give a shot. I am not very well practiced anymore!

Anyways once school is finsihed we are packing up and going to kennewick for a week, then we will spend another week at the Oregon Coast with Brandons family. After that we will drive up and see my parents for a week. Then we have to head back to rexburg so Brandon can work and i can spend the rest of the break crafting. haha

This semester has been really good actually. I think it has been the easiest i have had in a long time. I have had a total of five tests in the testing center the entire semester and I have three classes that do not have any tests at all. I think im living the dream right now. haha On monday wednesday, and friday i am done with class at 10 am so i go work out and then spend the rest of the day relaxing and doing homeowrk. I know im such a bum. I do not feel like going into details about this semester, so i will just share some pictures of what our semester consisted of.

 We went to the duck pond a few times. We love the duck pond. So many memories at the duck pond, my favorite being the time I went with sean and sam and this kid picked up a goose. Im sure sean and same remember.
 We rode bikes. We are quite the little cyclists now, however my bike does have a tendency for the chain to break when ever i am peddling and going over a bump at the same time. its an inconvenience and it makes me nervous to ride my bike when Brandon isnt around to fix my chain for me.
 Here is at the skate park doing jumps and stuff.
 We had a lot of bon fires with our friends Justin and Rachel. Seriously there were a few weekends in a row where we had a bonfire both Friday and Saturday nights. we found this amazing park in rexburg with campgrounds and fire pits that has free wood(at least we hope its free) and it feels like you are in the woods. we love it and we saw a baby moose there a few weeks ago!
 This semester also consisted of Michael, brandons brothter. I just met him in April. we are good friends now. We were also very involved with flag football. it was freezing the majority of the season but i still watched every game. This is brandon and michael before a game in my pink blanket.
 And here is Travis, brandons cousin and the quarterback. Brandon is behind him
 We also went down to Utah and had so much fun with family. It was crazy to see lexi and how big she is now. And all of my nieces and nephews are so cute and we have so much fun everytime we are with family. thank you michelle and ustin for having us we had a great time and michelle, you are a great cook.
 We went mini golfing. this is Brandon "K-towining" it. We played a lot of crouquet this semester as well. Im sorry i dont have any pictures of us playing but Brandon and his friend Justin do this when we play croquet. thankfully it works in golf as well.
 For fourth of july weekend, Dad and Kristi came and spend the weekend with us. We had so much fun with them. Dad and Brandon went golfing while Kristi and i went shopping. We did Crafts, ate good fooe, and on monday for fourth of July we went to Jackson Wyoming. We had nevver been there before and we were very impressed with how pretty it was. Seriously coming over the pass and down into Jackson is stunning.
 Here I am being a bear.
 We watched fireworks in rexburg at the temple. This was more than a disapointment. We saw one firework about every five minutes. the fireworks from peoples yards were better than the ones rexburg shot off from the fair. needless to say we didnt stay too long. We decided to go home and we watched Project runway to prepare us for next season, which starts July 28th on lifetime and everyone should watch! :)
 Here is Brandon and I watching fireworks.
 While we were in Jackson we ate at Bubbas Barbeque. I was supposed to go to fulfil a communications assignement. It was actually pretty good and we liked the name.
 Look how cute my dad is in a cowboy hat.

 We had such a great weekend with them and we are so grateful for everything they did for us while they were here. And i really appreciated Kristi's help decorating the apartment. And im sorry that i wouldnt eat the raisons in the trail mix and left you guys with all of the. Hopefully some day you can forgive me for that.