Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dogs and Turkeys

The weekend before Thanksgiving Kristi and I attented our yearly Dogshow. I know I know we are increadibly nerdy, but we love going. We are almost the only spectators that go, but we really enjoy oursleves and we love being able to look at the dogs and pick the winning dog. We especially love watching the dobermans. It was sad this year and really made us miss Maggie. This year Brandon came with us and he went to his first ever dog show. He enjoyed himself quite a bit I would say. I think he was most impressed with the obedience portion of the show. the dogs really are amazing and so intelligent. You can just tell they are so well trained and how much they admire their masters. its so adorable to watch them. We want a dog so bad! We cant wait to have a house where we can actually have a dog( I know we are thinking WAY in the future but we can dream cant we?) Brandon has a few different breeds he really likes, this is one breed he really likes....
This pup here is Kegan, he is and Irish Wolf Hound and he is huge. Brandon cant decide if he likes irish wolfhounds more than Scottish deerhounds. They have very similar looks. This is the only picture we took of a dog at the dogshow. Kegan is a champion and he won best in breed. He is quite a little cuttie (Both Kegan and brandon)

Also we had a wonderful thanksgiving. Not the most amazing weather but the snow was absolutely beautiful! I know those who had to travel didnt agree with me however. Brandon's parents and brother and sister came over from Kennewick to spend thanksgiving with us and also Aaron and Laurel were here. Aaron was supposed to have an interview with UW but we dont need to go into that. We had such a good time, we just ate a lot of food and played games and relaxed. On Friday we went and saw the new Harry Potter and we all really enjoyed it. I am so thankful that Brandon and I have such amazing family and I know that I have so many blessings.
Our backyard in the Snow
Here is Brandon Carving the Turkey. He was loving using the electric knife. We couldnt get him away from that things so we might as well put him to work. 

On a different note, Now that thanksgiving is over, its Christmas all the time every day for me. All the decorations are out and music is playing all the time. I love this time of year!