Saturday, November 5, 2011

the weather outside is Frightful

It snowed last night! already! actually this is the second snow of the year. it snowed a few weeks ago too but it didnt last long. But now, now it looks like winter. It makes me want to decorate for christmas and watch elf, make cookies and listen to christmas music. But i promised brandon that i would wait until after thanksgiving, so i must stay strong. And speaking of thanksgiving, i would be very grateful if this snowwould actually all melt before i drive to kennewick so we dont die trying to get there.

 And here is brandon with his brand new indiana jones movies. This is what he bought himself with his birthday money. Now we just need to get all the star wars movies and he think his life would be complete. So thank you from Brandon for the birthday money Tammy and Bubba and Dad and Kristi, and Grandma Callaway! He is also wearing his washington hat that we got him for his birthday. We think it looks pretty cool.

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