Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

For thanksgiving we drove over to Kennewick. Brandon's brother Michael got married the day after thanksgiving so we spent ost of our thanksgiving decorating a church for the reception. We Had a great drive there and back. the roads were perfectly clear the entire drive and We downloaded the Hunger games onto our Ipod so brandon got to listen to it while he drove. He really liked it and he is looking forward to listening to the second one on our drive home for christmas! (which is on friday! yay!) We just hope the roads are as clear as they were at thanksgiving. Here is just a few pictures from thanksgiving and the wedding.

 Bubba, sidonia and brandon did the thanksgiving Turkey trot on thanksgiving morning.

 Here is the gym all decorated for the reception. For the record, those little balloons hanging from the lights, well those are covered in lace, and let me tell you it took a lot of lace! and i spent a total of probably 4 hours cutting lace and i dont even want to count the amount of time we also spent gluing it on. Yikes! was it worth it? you tell me.

 Brandon and His brother michael
 These three women(brandons mom and 2 of her friends) have a really embarrasing tradition of dancing on the table and their childrens receptions. Thank goodnesss they didnt do this at our wedding! haha
Brandon is such a cute little floor sweeper!


  1. Let this go down as my personal opinion....Brandon is way better looking than his brother!
    I love you Brandon you're the best!

  2. I think the balloons look great :) sorry you had to sweat over them but your just so crafty!

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