Monday, December 12, 2011


Did I ever mention Brandon and I were on and Ultimate Frisbee team this semester? Well this was my first time EVER playing ultimate Frisbee and i absolutely loved it! we had so much fun! We were in the beginner league and let me tells you, we were pretty good. We made it to the championship game! it wasnt easy, especially since the captain of the team we beat to get to the championship was a major...jerk (i could say much worse) and he was upset that we played a good game and beat them. He protested the game and made it so the championship was postponed about a week. We were really angry with him cause like I said he was a....jerk( nicest name i can think of to describe him) We cant fully describe the anger and frustration we felt towards this kid...anyways, i probably shouldnt go into this, it stirs up a lot of really frustrating memories. But we went to the championship game (in your FACE Jace kellog) . But we lost. The team we played seemed like they would way fun to play, but when the time came to actually play, they got really dirty and caddy when we started pulling ahead. Oh well, here is a picture of a team and a reminder of all the good memories we did have in spite of all the drama.

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